Mercury and Thor Fitness Products

Stability Yoke (The WobblerTM)

$ 199.00

The video above shows a combination of still photos and video snippets of the wide variety of exercises that are possible with this bar. Back squats, overhead squats, Zercher squats, various walks, bench pressing, curls, etc. are all including in the video.

This product is currently available only for pickup from our local store. NO SHIPPING is currently available for this product.

This unique product can be used for many of the same movements as a barbell, but is MUCH more taxing because the weights have the freedom to swing during the movement, and the user must react to the movement and stabilize the bar. It will develop a strong trunk, as well as many movement-specific support muscles.

It can be used for on-the-back walks, Zercher style walks, overhead walks, military pressing, overhead squats, back squats, front squats, even curls and bench pressing. The use of safety cones to produce a slalom type of course for the walks makes the exercise even more difficult on stabilizing muscles due to the necessary constant changing of direction.

The unit contains two 24 inch loading pins, which are suspended from the ends of an 8 foot long, 2 inch diameter bar. The unit comes standard with a black paint coating, but other colors may be available for no additional charge, depending on our inventory; contact us at to ask about other colors.  


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