Mercury and Thor Fitness Products

Shin Blaster (Anterior Tibialis Trainer) for Standard Weight Plates

$ 139.99

This bar trains the muscles on the front side of your lower legs, your shins. It is recommended to train the tibialis when you train your calf muscles, to maintain balance around the ankle. This can be used to help strengthen and support weak ankles, and has also been reported to help prevent shin splints.

The tibialis muscle pulls your foot upward, so that your toes are pointing up toward your face. It recovers the foot into a flexed position during running, while your leg is being pulled forward for another step, after being extended during the powerful backward pushing movement. It helps EXPLOSIVE RUNNING, sprints or football, etc.

The standard plate shin blaster includes a collar. The weight plates shown in the picture are for illustrative purposes only and are NOT included; they must be purchased separately.


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