Mercury and Thor Fitness Products

Fat-Handled Hammer Grip Bar for Cable (medium width)

$ 55.99

This is a Mercury & Thor original! Grow your forearms with this unique bar by doing three distinct classes of exercises, including...


Pulling: backwards sled dragging ("treat" your forearms while getting a total body work-out), overhead cable pulls, cable rowing, etc.

Curling: standing cable hammer curls, cable preacher hammer curls, cable upward wrist curls

Extensions: cable tricep extensions, cable downward wrist curls, hybrid extension/wrist curl (aka "Pushdown & Pour", awesome!!). Check out the June 2016 Exercise of the Month.

Your forearms deserve a good thrashing, so get this one-of-a-kind bar today. You'll be glad you did, at least after the soreness goes away. 

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