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This is a one arm rowing type of motion that you do with a grappler and a single handle with a 2-inch grip. There are several types of one arm rowing that you can do with a grappler, and we will eventually cover them all. In this variation, you take a stance with the grappler bar to one side of you   Always train both sides equally to maintain a body symmetry (same weights, reps, number of sets, etc.). The exception is if one side significantly lags behind, maybe do some extra work and intensity on the weak side until it catches up.

To perform the exercise, imagine how you would stand to lift a single, heavy suitcase. The grappler bar should be at about a 90 degree angle relative to your foot placement and an imaginary line that runs shoulder to shoulder. Bend the knees just slightly and keep a flat, somewhat upright back (keep the weight on your hips, glutes, and thighs as much as possible. Don't bear it all on your lower back). Then pull the weight up toward the side of your ribcage as high as possible. Some people add a slight twist at the waist to get it even higher. Squeeze hard and hold it for a second or two at the top. Drop in a controlled, smooth manner back to the starting point, and repeat for your rep count. Switch sides for the "second half" of the set. This is a great back builder, as well as some work for the biceps and grip. See the pictures below, shown from a direct side position as well as from the front and back.

Starting Position, Rear View


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