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This is just a variation of the April 2019 Exercise of the Month, but with a different handle. The round handle allows you to carry MUCH more weight than a pinch grip handle in a Farmer's Walk type of move. The Tax Man will need the extra weight capacity in order to run off with all of your money. Actually, there are TWO variations here:

The State Taxman's Carry - uses a spherical handle (intermediate weight can be handled; more than a pinch grip block, but less than a round handle). See the March 2016 Exercise of the Month (Cannonball Rowing) for some comments and pictures regarding effective grip positioning on a spherical handle; this will give you maximum training benefit versus a "cheating" grip. A spherical handle emphasizes finger strength while a pinch grip block emphasizes thumb strength, so they complement each other very well. Do both for all around hand strength.

The Federal Taxman's Carry - uses a round handle, allowing you to walk away with a maximum weight. The round handle is the heaviest of the grip handles; you can haul off a very big load (the IRS man needs this!). Really pile the weight on when using a round handle; we offer three diameters to accommodate different hand sizes and to provide you with plenty of training variety.

Just follow the instructions for the April 2016 Exercise of the Month, but use the spherical handles or the round handles (shown below), instead of the pinch grip blocks.

Spherical handles:

Round handles:




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