Mercury and Thor Fitness Products

Mercury & Thor Fitness Products™ is a new company dedicated to providing unique equipment to all athletes that require speed and strength training to excel at their sport, or just to stay in great physical condition. Our goal is to help you obtain your fitness goals by providing unique, effective equipment. Our philosophy towards our product line can be summed up in one word: VARIETY. We are committed to a continuous expansion of our product line with the aim of providing you with novel training choices, including many niche products, which frequently will be unavailable from "the big guys."

We began selling products and opened our website in April 2015, starting with a line of grip training bars and handles. We conduct our business, including the design and manufacture of our products, at our shop in Wall Township, New Jersey. Whenever possible, we favor the use of manufacturing equipment, raw materials, and machines that were made in the USA even if we bear a greater cost in doing so (we believe that the long term costs of NOT doing so is even greater, ultimately to all of us!).

Here is our first pledge to you: We will NEVER discontinue a product that is not a big seller just because it serves a niche group of athletes or a highly specialized purpose. If ANY athlete can benefit from one of our products, we will keep it in the lineup. We are not interested in fancy, sophisticated mass marketing designed to promote impulse buying of products that will sit and collect dust after we ship them out. We want to help real athletes get real results via products that will make you work! We don't make false promises about losing inches off your waist while sitting on the couch for five minutes a day with one of our products. Our products are DESIGNED to maximally stress your weak spots and thereby make them stronger, they are NOT designed to make you comfortable. Using our products during an honest all-out effort will make you gasp for air, sweat like crazy, and have your muscles moaning with fatigue, because they are designed to be effective, not pleasant. We take pride in having just a little bit of a sadistic streak when it comes to product design, but in a good sort of way... We want to hear you say “Whooaaa!” at the end of a hard set with one of our products. Just be sure that you are in sound physical condition before you purchase and use our exercise equipment, so that you can reap the benefits SAFELY. Always consult with your physician prior to using our equipment.    

We offer a lifetime guarantee on our products against manufacturing defects and any equipment breakage that occurs during the normal use of the product. Sorry, but we have to exclude unauthorized uses, abuse of the equipment, and normal wear-and-tear (such as minor scratches or chipping that might occur despite the durable powder-coated finish) from this guarantee. Having said that, we want happy customers, so please don’t hesitate to call us if something that we do or sell does not meet your expectations for any reason.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our products or would like to discuss your exercising needs with us. We truly welcome your input and feedback. Thanks for your interest in Mercury and Thor Fitness Products™!  All the best,  Mike C., Owner/Founder.

Office: 2112 Crystal Brook Drive, Wall, New Jersey 07719 USA (732) 546-0434 




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