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Shin Blaster (Anterior Tibialis Trainer) with neoprene foam padding; versions for Standard or Olympic plates

$ 144.99

Note: Our Shinblasters now include neoprene foam toe padding. If you purchased an early version of the Shinblaster and want to add padding to it, we are selling padding upgrade kits (at cost to us).  

This bar trains the muscles on the front side of your lower legs, commonly called your "shin muscle" but formally named the anterior tibialis.  It is recommended to train the tibialis (the "tibs") when you train your calf muscles, to maintain balance around the ankle. Training with this "tib bar" can help strengthen and support weak ankles, and has also been reported to help prevent shin splints.

The tibialis muscle pulls your foot upward, so that your toes are pointing up toward your face. It recovers the foot into a flexed position during running, while your leg is being pulled forward for another step, after being extended during the powerful backward pushing movement. It helps EXPLOSIVE RUNNING, sprints for football, etc.

Training with a "tib bar" is not new. A device called the DARD (Dynamic Axial Resistance Device) was introduced decades ago. More recently, the training principles of Ben Patrick, the "knees over toes guy" has refocused attention on the benefits of anterior tibialis training (Disclosure: Mercury & Thor Fitness has no relationship of any kind with Mr. Patrick). Don't miss out on these benefits, including stability in the knees and ankles. 

This Shin Blaster is made of heavy gauge, welded, solid steel that will last several lifetimes, not from glued together PVC pipe and wooden dowels, etc.  It won't bend or crack with heavy use or over time, and it is suitable for continuous rough use in professional gyms. So when you are ready for the real thing, here it is. This is the last tib bar that you will ever need to buy. Remember the old adage "you get what you pay for" and the wisdom therein.      

We carry a version for Standard weight plates (which have a 1" diameter opening) and a version for Olympic weight plates (which have a 2" diameter opening). Choose the correct version for the type of plates that you will use with the unit; do not try to use Olympic plates with the Standard plate unit.

The Standard plate version has a shaft for a 1 inch diameter hole in the plate; the Standard version includes a screw-tight collar, but you can upgrade to a Lockjaw collar (a Lockjaw collar will not mar the finish on your Shinblaster like a screw-tight collar can). The Olympic plate version has a shaft for a 2 inch diameter hole in the plate; the lower priced Olympic version does NOT include a collar, it is for people that already have a 1.9 inch diameter specialty bar collar; this is required). But the upgraded Olympic version includes a premium specialty bar Lockjaw collar. The weight plates shown in the picture are for illustrative purposes only and are NOT included; they must be purchased separately.

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