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Hammer Curl Bar (medium grip width); choose Standard or Olympic plates

$ 139.99

Another unique product by Mercury and Thor Fitness! This bar is a medium grip variation on our original hammer curl bar. Like the original hammer curl bar, it will give your hands, wrists, and forearms a one-of-a-kind workout. This unique bar creates extra torque/leverage on your wrist while doing hammer curls with either weight plates, a cable, or a combination of both. The medium grip provides a different angle for those who want to mix up their workouts a bit, to shock the muscles and keep them guessing. We recommend rotating between different grip widths from workout to workout, within one workout, month to month, or whatever kind of schedule works to keep your training fresh, keep progress fast, and prevent muscle "staleness."   

During curling movements, this bar will stress the brachioradialis muscle of your forearms like nothing else (think of the "thumb side" of your forearm while making a "thumbs up" sign)! It is an EXCELLENT support exercise for doing pull-ups, because the brachioradialis is highly stressed when doing pullups and is often a limiting factor. Even if your lats/upper back are strong and huge, if you cannot hang on to the chinning bar and cannot bend your elbows completely at the top of a rep, you will reach failure. This bar can help eliminate a weak link in the chain, where the forearms and biceps meet, and thereby increase your performance on pull-ups. The same holds true for many rowing type exercises.

As an added bonus, it is also very effective for the "pinky side" of your forearms while doing tricep extensions. This bar works great for standing triceps extensions using an overhead cable, or for lying/seated tricep extensions using weight plates and/or a ground level cable. You can whack your forearms from both sides by using curling and extension movements.

All models include an attachment hook and a carabiner clip for a cable, chains, or elastic bands. Collars ARE included for the standard plate model, but must be purchased separately for the Olympic plate model.

The Standard plate model is used for weight plates that have a 1" diameter opening, and the Olympic plate version is for weight plates that have a 2" diameter opening.


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