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Double Grappler Base (aka: Double Landmine Pivot)

$ 169.99

This unit forms the floor base to hold two grappler pivots. Insert two Olympic barbells into the pivots to make a TWO HANDED angled barbell training set-up that can accommodate a wide variety of handle types (sold separately). You can do literally dozens (perhaps hundreds) of exercises with this unit; make unique combinations of aerobic and strength movements that can be done sequentially in a non-stop manner.

This product is the base unit only, for people who already own two pivot units. Therefore, they can upgrade to a double grappler while saving money by not needing to buy two additional pivot units. We also sell the complete grappler (a double base plus two pivot units) for people who don't own the pivots, or for those that want the capability for multiple users or set-ups.

An Internet search of the terms "landmine training," "grappler training," or "angled barbell training" will reveal many of the numerous possibilities. This is one of the best ways to work excess fat off the abdomen and sides of your trunk (those  stubborn "love handles" WILL finally succumb to the assault of consistent, prolonged, hard landmine training). It is no wonder that landmine training is exploding (no pun intended) on the fitness scene. 

One of the photographs shows a full unit set up for T-Bar rowing; the Olympic plates, barbells, collars, and handles are not included and must be purchased separately. This complete photo is shown for instructional purposes, to explain possible uses for the base piece. Only the base unit is included here. 

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