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Mercury and Thor Fitness has once again expanded its unique line of Hammer Curl Bars to include two new grip width variations. We have just released a narrow grip version and an ultra-narrow grip version of our original Hammer Curl Bar. Now you can torch your forearms from two more angles, to shock them into renewed growth, endurance, and strength.

You want another 20 - 30 yards on your golf swing off the tee? How about a few more home runs? Maybe you need a little extra strength to hang on to your opponent during the third period of a wrestling match. Train with these new bars, and your forearms will thank you for it. At least once the workout is over. See the attached photos for some tips on the proper form for doing basic curls with this bar (the weights have been left off the bar during the video, so that you can clearly see the important alignment of the bar with the user's forearms). Note that the lever bar (the portion that holds the weights out in front of the user) must be kept in a straight line with the users forearms.



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March 17, 2021

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