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A series of single and double landmine (aka: grappler) products has been released and is now available. The most basic unit, a single pivot which can be dropped into the center hole of a stack of 45-lb plates which serves as a "base," is an extremely economical way to get started. We recommend the increased stability that a single floor base can provide. We also sell a double grappler unit for those who want to get into two-handed movements.

The first two specialized handles that we have added to the series are for close, neutral grip T-bar rowing, and wider, straight grip T-bar rowing. T-bar rowing is an old classic mass-builder for wide lats and a thick, powerful upper back. 

T-bar tip: Here is an advanced and very challenging upper back exercise for experienced, conditioned lifters; always wear a lifting belt when doing this movement. Set-up a double grappler unit with one bar having a close-grip T-bar rowing handle, and the second bar having a wide-grip T-bar rowing handle. Load the close-grip bar with a heavier weight, and the wide-grip bar with a reduced weight. Do a back-blasting superset by first rowing to failure on the heavy close-grip bar, then immediately moving to the lighter, wide grip bar to continue rowing without a rest between the two bars. Check out the photographs of the Double Landmine Complete Unit for a picture of the set-up used for this superset. Try it out for six weeks and watch your lats widen to a pair of barndoors!


Written by Michael Calandra —


Larry Ruiz :

I started looking at buying some handles for my landmine set-up and after a couple of days of researching I came acoss Mercury and Thor. After further research Mercury and Thor was comparable to the “big name” brands. I had some questions and was extremely happy to receive great customer which is rare now a days so I pulled the trigger and ordered both of these handles. After receiving them I was very happy with the quality/construction of these products. The powder coat is good quality and is not flaking off like cheap inexpensive equipment. I like the fact that the handles where you place your hands are bigger in size which also works out your forearms and grip but I think grip size options would be a good idea. I’ve used both of these handles for a few weeks now and I am very happy with the product.

April 06, 2016

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