Mercury and Thor Fitness Products

Mercury and Thor Fitness Products has opened its website for business on April 24, 2015.

The initial product line will focus exclusively on small grip training items, but the product line will rapidly and steadily expand into other areas of training for serious speed and strength athletes (or anyone who likes to train like one!). So be sure to periodically check back in - new products will be added on a weekly basis. We will soon be adding training tools for those athletes that require explosive running power (sleds, etc.) - this will be a product theme for the Winter of 2015.

We've been asked, "Why start with grip tools?"  There are two reasons:

First, grip training is an often neglected aspect for many athletes. It is frequently done as an afterthought, if at all. This is a big mistake, and we want to help rectify it by providing a wide VARIETY of grip training options.

Second, many athletes "engage their sport" through their hands and grip. What the heck does that mean? Think of a player in tennis, hockey, lacrosse, baseball, golf, weightlifting, or any one of many other sports that use a racket, stick, bat, club, barbell, or any other hand-held implement in their sport. They play the sport via this implement, which they move and control through their hands, grip, wrist, and forearms. All their physical power must transfer through their hands into the implement. Imagine a tennis player with a weak grip and limp wrists, trying to deliver a mighty, explosive serve. Impossible! A powerlifter that cannot hold onto the barbell during a deadlift is limited by grip strength, regardless of how strong all the other muscles might be. Many athletes often directly interact with their opponent by grabbing and controlling them; wrestlers, martial artists, football players, arm wrestlers, etc. immediately come to mind. The same holds true if your "opponent" is not another athlete, but some inanimate object such as a climbing wall, a mountainside, or an obstacle course.

If you use barbells, dumbbells, ropes, rings, handles, chin-up bars, etc. of any kind during the training or practice sessions for your sport, you will hamper your preparation, and therefore your competitive performance, if you don't have a powerful, high-endurance grip. This is true even if you don't use the barbells, rings, ropes and so on in the actual competition itself. Don't fall into this trap.

Mercury and Thor Fitness Products can help YOU be sure that YOUR performance will never suffer because of poor grip. Become your own God of Speed and Strength, a modern day Mercury and Thor combined in one body. Get started today!  

Written by Michael Calandra —


Phil Maxwell:

In 45+ years of weight training I thought I had all the equipment I needed. Wrong. I purchased a pair of leverage bars from Mercury and Thor Fitness products a couple of weeks ago. Two excellent, well made, hand crafted pieces of equipment. I am very selective in where I get equipment from. Sorinex, Warren Tetting and StrongerGrip are people that make excellent top quality products. Mercury and Thor products are also. Any questions you may have about Mercury and Thor Products will be quickly answered. They do their best to make the products and get them to you quickly without cutting any corners. Top Quality and Top People at Mercury and Thor Fitness products. You will be completely satisfied with their products, price and service before you place the order, after the order is placed, and even after you receive your products.

January 17, 2016

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